Pineapple Express Weed


Hybrid – 60{183b0f9a683649e35480e8ef8577db52a78748672c9300c9e85b9dfa268731ab} Sativa / 40{183b0f9a683649e35480e8ef8577db52a78748672c9300c9e85b9dfa268731ab} Indica THC: 25{183b0f9a683649e35480e8ef8577db52a78748672c9300c9e85b9dfa268731ab}, CBN: 1{183b0f9a683649e35480e8ef8577db52a78748672c9300c9e85b9dfa268731ab}

May Relieve 
Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Nightmares
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Pineapple Express marijuana smells a bit like sweet citrus mixed with some tropical fruit such as pineapple while the aroma it gives is earthy, piney, sweet and kind of like pineapple. It has a nice fruity cocktail flavor with kind of pine aftertaste. It’s basically tropical, sweet and sour at the same time tipping over to some mango-citrus like taste mixed with pineapple.






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